• Susan Harden

Curiosity as an antidote to fear.

In this picture Morisco suddenly saw something he wasn't expecting and it scared him so bad he skidded to an abrupt halt. He then thought about turning tail and legging it but in the end curiosity got the better of him. He approached little by little, snorting, swinging his head from side to side to check it out from all angles and with all his sences untill he decided it wasn't going to eat him after all and he could safely come right on over. Facing fear head on and pausing to take a look.... "How does it actually feel in my body ?" , "Where can I feel it?", "What is it really all about ?" "Why is it causing this reaction in me?" "Can I respond in a different way instead of reacting?" Curiosity and knowledge can help to dissolve fear, for after all courage is not the absence of fear but its total presence with the decision to go for it anyway!

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