• Susan Harden

Grounding - a simple and effective exercise

When working with horses, being grounded is very important to communicate with them on their level. I try to carry my horse sense into my daily life and I find this basic exercise very effective so thought I could share it with all of you. - Sit down, take a few deep breaths, letting the exhale slide out with a soft "aaahhhh" so you relax the jaw. Keep the breath flowing throughout. - Massage the point shown ( balance point of the foot ) with your thumb in a strong circular motion, in both directions for a few minutes. - Stand up and feel the difference in between the 2 sides of the body. - Repeat with the other foot, remember to find a rhythm with the breath and the massage circles, press as firmly as is comfortable. - Stand up again and open both feet, soften your ankles, knees and hips to allow the energy from the ground to flow up through your body. - Take a few moments to feel the ground through the connection point - if your massage was strong enough you can feel exactly where it is. Imagine you are a tree with the roots growing down through that point and nourishing energy coming back up to help you grow up tall from your centre.

- Press the outsides of the foot into the ground like you want to leave a footprint then sway back and forth, side to side keeping connected through the balance point. It's good to experiment with the massage. How long? How firm? Also with the visualization, instead of using a tree you can imagine the flow of energy as sparkling light or find your own image that work for you. Very quickly you can feel the connection point any time without having to do the massage. I find this exercise great for clearing the mind and balancing emotions. A bit like a reboot when things get blocked up. I hope it will be a helpful experience for you too. Thank you to Sue Leffler at Centered Riding for this simple yet very effective practice. Susan x PS. Sorry about the bad quality picture! But I hope it does the job.

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