• Susan Harden

Practicing presence with kindness

Actualizado: abr 9

Horses, of course, are always living in the moment and working with them gives lots of opportunity to practice being right there with them. Their powerful presence makes this much easier for us than it is at other times, and with that comes the joy of feeling connected and in flow with life. For this I am deeply grateful. But often I drift off and on realising this, my practice is now to say to myself "Wow, great that you noticed !" and kindly bring myself back instead of telling myself "Shit, you are so useless, can't even keep your mind in one place for 3 seconds!" The great thing about horses is that they immediatly know when the human is not present and they can let us know in no uncertain terms, especially when we are very busy and all over the place in our minds, (I can be really great at mindfucking ! Excuse my bad language but it just describes so perfectly). I believe for them, we might as well be shouting all those thougts out loud and that really does not feel good to a horse! Always a work in progress.

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