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The live online course with a difference


Breathe harmony into your horsemanship



The online course with a difference


Presented by Susan Harden,
Founder of Live & Breathe Horses.

I am delighted to present my new online course, taking years of offline experience into a new dimension where I can have more impact in helping people create a deeper connection with their horses.

I believe all we need for a more mutually respectful and harmonious relationship with our horses is inside of us and that is what we will mainly be looking at on the course - how to present a feel to the horses so that they are happy to be in our company and respond to our slightest signal.

You can also join me for a 30-minute FREE webinar to get a taster of the course

The course includes...

1-hour lesson

Each week there will be a 1-hour lesson on ZOOM where you have the option to have your camera on but this is not necessary if you prefer just to listen. You can also interact on the chat. Recordings of the lessons will be available.

1-hour q&a

1-hour Q&A session where you can bring all your queries and/or show videos with your horse, you can ask questions by typing in the chat if you prefer not to speak directly. Everyone who goes through the course will have ongoing access to the weekly Q&A sessions.

1-to-1 sessions

There will be six 30-minute 1 to 1 sessions on any topic of your choice via ZOOM.

Safe space

In this course you will find a safe space where we can all learn from and support each other on our journeys.

choice of dates

The courses will be running in blocks of 6 weeks:

13 September - 21 October 
01 November - 09 December

10 January - 17 February
14 March - 21 April

Watch this space for new dates.


In this course we will cover...

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Here is what it will do for you...

Get the most pleasure out of our horse time with a deeper understanding

Give you more confidence to know how to make things better for your horses (and yourself) especially in challenging situations

Empower you with knowledge of how to use the tools you already have inside of you so you can keep improving your equestrian tact and reach your full potential

Create a deeper bond with your horses by getting more in touch with yourself so you can be more in touch with and connected to them

You will learn how to create a safe peaceful place in your presence where horses (and humans) like to be. Remembering they only care how we make them feel. 

Have more ease and flow in your movements so your horse can understand you better on the ground and you can feel more harmony in the saddle

Develop skills of mindfulness, or  awareness of the moment so that you can notice all the tiny details which your horse is constantly communicating to you and respond appropriately

I believe that everything we learn with our horses will have an ongoing positive impact on our other relationships and our daily life.

What to do next?

Click here to enroll in the online course.

You can also join the live webinar* which will give you a simple effective tool to take away and use with your horse. It also serves as a taster for the course and a chance for us to get to know each other.

I am excited to take my offline work online. To celebrate I am offering a
30% discount for a limited time, bringing the price from 697€ to 487€.

*A Webinar is a meeting online. This one, and the course, will be held on ZOOM so you can download it here if you don't already have it installed
It is simple to use and I will send you links so all you need to do is click.


For a TASTER of the course...

Please join me for a free 30-minute webinar where we can get to know each other and I will share a simple yet effective tool that you can take away and use with your horse.


Please fill in your name and email so I can send you details of how to join the webinar.

Power of the Breath


Breathe harmony into your horsemanship

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Presented by Susan Harden,
Founder of Live & Breathe Horses.

I am excited to present the first in a new series of workshops to take my offline work online where I can reach more people and the horses in their lives.


Decades of working with people have given me important insights into what holds them back from achieving all-around success in their horsemanship and how I can guide them to a more harmonious relationship with their horses.

I am wholeheartedly grateful to all my students who give me the opportunity to keep learning and growing so that together we can get better and better at giving horses a voice so that we can create safe, peaceful spaces to be.

What's included in this workshop...

On purchase of the workshop, you will receive to your email the video of the first of a series of workshops starting with my favorite tool, the breath. The workshops will complement each other but can also stand alone as effective practices and important building blocks in the foundation of your horsemanship.


The workshop is interactive and we hope you will enjoy doing the breathing exercise with us. The more you put into the practice the more effective it will be when you go to use it with your horse, and in all other areas of your life.

The recording is yours to rewatch as often as you like and you can of course pass it on to friends which is great as it spreads the word. We would however like to ask you to encourage others to buy their own copy to support us financially in bringing you more and better content in the future, keeping in mind that we have kept the price to an absolute minimum to make it accessible to as many people as possible.

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Here is what it will do for you...

How we breathe is how we are. Our breath, our body, our mind and our emotions are all inextricably related. Practicing conscious breathing is the easiest way to influence the other three so that we can...

Help still the mind so that we are not disturbing our horses with constant internal chatter

Notice our emotions, and breathe into a good feeling as we know that our horses only care how we make them feel

Improve our posture making our body language more clear to the horse and giving us grace, balance and rhythm

Being more present at the moment so we can notice in good time how our horse is feeling and respond appropriately.

Enhanced awareness of how our state of being affects our horses and how we can shift it when we choose to.

Have more ease and flow through our body and movements so we can become more as one with our horse on the ground and especially in the saddle.


In this workshop we will practice 2 different breathing exercises which you can use when working with your horse on the ground or in the saddle.

The first is the Aaahhh Breathe to release the jaw and give more ease and flow in our movement to bring us more into harmony with ourselves and our horses.

Secondly we will practice slow diaphragm breathing . I like to use the sounds of a soft mmmmm for this one but the sounds are not essential and I encourage you through all this work to listen to your own body, get creative, experiment and find what works for you.


I believe that all our learnings in our horsemanship are transferable as important life lessons. This is especially true about breathwork. People have said to me “Well of course I am breathing or I would be dead" which is true but in our modern world many of us have lost the natural breathing we were born with and coming back to that will be hugely beneficial not only in working with horses but in enhancing our overall health. In fact, it is an essential piece in the overall picture of good sleep, diet and exercise for optimum health.


There has been much renewed interest in recent years of the recovery of ancient art of breathing. Did you know, for example, that the Yoga was originally only about breathing ?


I am a firm believer that it is the key to working with horses so they get as much out of it as we do.


Thank you for taking the time to read, if you have any questions or suggestions we would be delighted to here from you.

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