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Power of The Breath - Online Workshop

Power of The Breath - Online Workshop



Special introductory price of 19€ (approx $22 or £16)


I am delighted to present our first online workshop The Power of the Breath. The breath is the subtlest aid we have but also so empowering it can change a horse-human relationship instantly. I have seen this so often I believe it is the training your horse would choose for you. We are our breath. Breathing is the key to ease and flow on the ground and in the saddle, to creating a safe place where your horse wants to be, and improving our equestrian tact. In this workshop, there are 2 versatile breathing exercises you can practice, play with and find your own rhythm and meaning. I hope you will enjoy breathing along with us and exploring how this superpower we all have inside of us can help our connection to our horses, ourselves, and all of our existence.



In this workshop we will practice 2 different breathing exercises which you can use when working with your horse on the ground or in the saddle.

The first is the Aaahhh Breathe to release the jaw and give more ease and flow in our movement to bring us more into harmony with ourselves and our horses.

Secondly we will practice slow diaphragm breathing . I like to use the sounds of a soft mmmmm for this one but the sounds are not essential and I encourage you through all this work to listen to your own body, get creative, experiment and find what works for you.


I believe that all our learnings in our horsemanship are transferable as important life lessons. This is especially true about breathwork. People have said to me “Well of course I am breathing or I would be dead" which is true but in our modern world many of us have lost the natural breathing we were born with and coming back to that will be hugely beneficial not only in working with horses but in enhancing our overall health. In fact, it is an essential piece in the overall picture of good sleep, diet and exercise for optimum health.


There has been much renewed interest in recent years of the recovery of ancient art of breathing. Did you know, for example, that the Yoga was originally only about breathing ?


I am a firm believer that it is the key to working with horses so they get as much out of it as we do.

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